Celebrate Recovery

Event Name: Celebrate Recovery

Event Date:

Event Time: [303]

Event Location: ALTHM FLC Dining Room

Event Coordinator: Anthony Conley

Event Contant Phone: (317)-435-4831

Event Contact Email: anthony.conley@althm.church

Event Notes:

Bro. Anthony can provide additional details, but this will be a re-occurring event on Monday evenings starting 9/19/21.  You can find details here about the program: Celebrate Recovery Homepage

Promotion needs to be completed by 8/28/22 for this re-occurring event.

Please coordinate with Anthony for additional input on slide if needed

Pulpit Announcement: Yes

Made by: Coordinator, Service Leader

Social Media: Yes

Social Media Type: Facebook, Instagram, Website Banner

Graphics/Media/Marketing: Announcement Slide

File Uploads: