The ministries of Abundant Life are diverse in their offering.  We have activities to suit all of your needs.  From children to elderly we offer groups and events to serve your spiritual and physical needs.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact any Ministry Director or Pastor VanLue.

For general inquiries contact:

Youth Ministry

Aftershock Youth Ministries is a dynamic group of middle school and high school aged young people (ages 12-25) led by our Aftershock Youth Ministries team.  Aftershock youth services are orchestrated by young people who lead the service, play the music, and  run the sound and lights.  The services are life changing and the messages delivered are intended to impact a group of young people who will shake their generation for the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Weekly events such as bible studies, youth services, and game nights are all a part of what the Aftershock Youth Ministries has to offer!  If you have any questions about our youth team or activities, please contact our Youth Pastor!

Kids Ministries

ALTHM offers a wide range of activities on Sunday afternoons!  From worship service in the main sanctuary, to Kid’s Church, to the classroom environment, we strive to promote a real relationship with Jesus Christ on all levels!

Abundant Life welcomes all to experience worship in the main sanctuary that includes singing, dramas, ministry, much more!

ALTHM also offers a ride to any child that wishes to attend Sunday School.  For additional information contact us here!

Classes are offered for ages 12-25yrs to enhance the lives of these growing Christians.  Our qualified staff will endeavor to assist these youth in “growing up” in Jesus Christ!

Here at Abundant Life we are experiencing a move of God in our Children’s Church Ministries.  It is totally thrilling to see these 4-11 Yr olds respond to God’s spirit.  Can little people experience an awesome big God?  Sure they can!

We don’t want any child to be left behind!  If God called a little boy named Samuel years ago, He still wants kids to hear His voice and experience the power of God.

The Children’s Church Ministry staff of Abundant LIfe want to welcome your kids to a fun and motivated time of worship, all while learning about God!  Come join us every Wednesday evening in Children’s Church!


College & Careers

We believe that mentoring and fellowship are critical to College & Careers age members.  Our C&C classes are held in conjunction with Sunday School every week to provide mentoring and instruction during life’s transition between schooling, careers, and family!   Incredible life and relationship building activities are a part of the vision and leadership that are brought by Bro. Travis Laffoon.

Couples Fellowship

The strength of the church is held within the family unit.  We believe that a strong family will be reflected in the atmosphere of the church.  Our couples attend seminars, date nights, fellowship dinners, and family fun events to help solidify the core biblical values that are passed along by Bro. & Sis. Shane Coffey.

Men’s Fellowship

Our men meet monthly for fellowship and teaching followed by fun and games.  This time of iron sharpening allows men to fellowship and partake in activities with men of like precious faith.  Other activities include camping, day trips, and outdoor games!

Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries allows women of all backgrounds to fellowship and building relationships while focusing on the biblical strengths of women.  Through mentoring and teaching accompanied by dinners and canvas painting our ladies gain knowledge in addition to fellowship!

Music Ministry

As music is a key element to a Pentecostal worship experience, the music and worship teams of Abundant Life are always striving to be the best we can be for the glory of the Lord!  Through ministry of song, sign-language team, drama team, choirs, and soloists we do our best to portray the life and love of Jesus through singing and demonstrative praise and worship to the King of Kings.

Media Ministry

Abundant Life endeavors to enhance each worship service and the world around us with visual aides and sound.  Our sound technicians and visual operators provide the audience clear audio and visual prompts as well as provide those who are unable to attend a live broadcast.

Our goal is to spread the word of God by providing service and special event media to those who are unable to attend.  All services are streamed live both on our website and on Facebook for your convenience.  Please feel free to browse around and listen!

Compassion Ministries

Our compassion ministries team is led by Brandon Morphew who also is currently serving as the Hendricks County Food Coalition President.  Through the compassion ministries building, we serve the residents of the surrounding areas providing clothing, home goods, groceries, and love!  For more information, Click here.

Creative Ministry

Creative arts are a crucial element to both marketing and first impressions.  Our designer places a high emphasis on quality and detail for every product/design that he produces in addition to creating our marketing materials and graphics we display around our campus.

Publications / Public Relations

Our publications team led by Michelle LaDuke who is the editor and publisher of our church newspaper and bulletin.  She works with a great team of people to capture the events and moments of Abundant Life and bring them to life again through photography and written word.